Editorials by Dr. Miller  as Editor in Chief at Psychiatric Times

2019-March:  Looking at the Past and Forward to the Future

2019-April:  Is It TIme to Legalize Cannabis?

2019-May:  Esketamine: Depression's Journey from Monoamines to Glutamate

2019-June:  Psychiatric Pharmacogenomic Testing: The Evicdence Base

2019-July:  Optimizing Brain Health

2019-August:  The Passing of a Matriarch

2019-September:  A Drug's Journey: From the Pill Bottle to the Toilet

2019-October:  "Off Label" Does Not Mean "Off Limits"

2019-November:  Be Here Now

2019-December:  Mindfulness

2020-January:  Beginning the New Decade With 2020 Vision

2020-February: A Lifetime of Learning

2020-March: Reframing Our Relationship With Pharma

2020-April: Drug Receptor Profiles Matter

2020-May: COVID-19: The Long, Slow Recovery

2020-June: Jumping Into Telehealth

2020-July: Rx: Limit Watching the News to 30 Minutes, 3X/Week

2020-August: My Wow and Awesome Responses While Reading the Psych Literature




2020-December: Kindness, Anonymous Heroes, and Compassion

2021-January:  Seashells, Not an Ocean

2021-February: The 16-Minute Med Check

2021-March: Psychiatry 2021: Team Psychiatry

2021-April: No Free Lunch



2021-July:    Perfecting the Trifecta    

2021-August:    Cannabis Confusion

2021-September:  Reflecting on Trauma

2021-October:    Epigenetics Collide With Pharmacogenomics

2021-November:  Looking Out My Window

2021: December:  Is That Drug a Partial Agonist or a Partial Agonist?

2022: January:  Hope for the New Year

2022: February:  Neuroplasticity and Smart Phones

2022: March:  DSM-5-TR . . . Already?

2022: April:  Learn With Us in San Diego

2022: May:  A Dangerous Evolution?

2022: June:  Navigating to a Broader Population of First-Episode Patients

2022: July:  Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics: The Evidence Base

2022: August:

2022: September:

2022: October:

2022: November:

2022: December: